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We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

Here at GrandNanny we believe that hiring a ‘mid-life’, ‘older’ or ‘mature’ nanny to help with wraparound childcare is a great option. Our GrandNannies are remarkably talented. Grandparents, ex-Teachers, Childminders, Teaching assistants, Lunch-time Supervisors, Volunteers, Art Tutors…the list goes on. Some people are enjoying a later-life career change, others are looking for more flexible hours, and some people are returning work because they now have an empty nest. There’s no doubt that older nannies have a lot to offer…

A safe pair of hands to support the whole family

Midlife and older nannies have so much life experience to share. If grandparents aren’t local or prefer not to be involved in day-to-day childcare, then a GrandNanny can offer the intergenerational connection your family may be missing. Importantly, we only recruit nannies with childcare experience either through raising their own children or working with children. So they know exactly the challenges parents face and can share their invaluable first-hand experience. In a recent survey, 100% parents who have a GrandNanny said that they feel ‘more supported as parents’. So a GrandNanny can be an extension of your family at a time when you need a helping hand.

Midlife, mature and older nannies living active lifestyles

When first considering a nanny, you might jump into looking for a young adult– who you imagine will have lots of energy and be fun. But it’s time to challenge those ageist stereotypes. Midlife and older adults have plenty of energy. Many of our GrandNannies are gym bunnies, joggers, nordic walkers and keen gardeners. They attend online ballet classes, volunteer and teach languages. In fact, many of them seem to have more energy than me!

When my kids were younger, I remember meeting ‘Sandra’ at playgroup. She was super chatty with the mums, exchanging stories with us, showing interest in the children she was with. I could tell she was older than me but I presumed the children she was with were either hers and that she was an older mum, or they were her grandchildren and she was a younger grandparent. Then I asked her if she worked…she beamed at me “I’m the children’s nanny” looking at me as if, who did you think I was? I left the playgroup thinking when I go back to work I’d love to have somebody like her looking after my child. She was mature, caring, wise and with a glint in her eye. She explained that she had grown-up children of her own and that they had flown the nest, she had taken on a part-time nanny role and was enjoying being back at work after 20 years and topping up her pension.

Hiring a later life candidate might support someone facing the gender pension gap

A recent report found a massive 40.3% gap in pension savings between women and men – that’s a difference of £7,500 a year on a fixed and already-reduced income.  Therefore, if your mature nanny is female, you may also be helping to boost their pension pot and decrease the pension pay gap. You get flexible, wraparound care from an experienced pair of hands and at the same time, you’re creating rewarding employment.

Need wrap-around school childcare? Then older nannies could be your answer. If you’re looking for local flexible childcare then consider a mature nanny.

GrandNanny is the UK’s first intergenerational childcare service. We match working families with midlife+ neighbours to provide childcare.