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We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

The GrandNanny guide to setting your salary

Pay rates for Nannies and in-home childcarers can vary depending on experience, qualifications, location and job requirements. The most important thing is that the rate is reasonable and you are comfortable with it.

How do I work out what to charge?

The average hourly rate for a Nanny in the UK is between £10 and £15 per hour.

Across the UK, rates start from £8.00/hour. However, at GrandNanny we are committed to ensuring everyone is paid at least National Living Wage. This means our suggested starter rates are higher than you might see elsewhere.

Here are some of the key things to think about when setting your hourly rate:

1. Experience

Entry level: £11.95+ 

Experienced: £12.50+

Highly experienced: £15+

Many GrandNannies we work with have lots of relevant experience, but have not worked as a Nanny or in-home childcarer before. So we’d suggest towards the lower end as a good rate to start with, e.g £12.25/hour and towards the higher end if you have more experience. We would recommend trying to keep your hourly rate below £15.50/hour so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

2. Qualifications

Non-qualified: £11.95+ per hour

With one or two childcare qualifications: £12.50+ per hour

With specialist qualifications, e.g. SEND training, Montessori training: £13.50+ per hour

3. Location

London and major cities: £12-20+ per hour

Rural areas: £8-£12 per hour

These are general guidelines and rates may vary depending on things like number of children, job requirements and the employer’s budget. It’s best to have a careful think about your rate when you register, taking account of your experience and qualifications. In general, you will receive more interest from families if your rate is between £11.95 and £13.50 per hour.