“SheCanCode recently caught up with the two Co-Founders of Grandnanny: a new kind of childcare service that’s connecting communities across generations to make childcare more flexible, local and rewarding. Adele and Sarah share insights on their love of tech, how they become Startup Founders, how we can get more women into tech…and much more.”

“What I like about Grandnanny, however, is that it is not just offering a solution to parents. The other issue Grandnanny hopes to address is helping older people continue to work or come back to work, especially women, many who have taken a hit to their pensions.”

“And being an entrepreneur is also about the ability to not just take risks, but effectively manage them, and so it was essential for Adele to “know Grandnanny’s user’s problems inside out, to have coffee with them, run recruitment events with them, survey them and co-create the service with them.”

“Grandnanny is helping midlife+ people back into work and providing vital childcare solutions to working parents.”

“The women in our cohort are gamechangers. They are the real deal in terms of putting social impact at the heart of their businesses and grafting their way to success in sectors that have been traditionally overlooked. I admire them all and I’m proud to call them friends and colleagues.”

“We want to connect midlife+ people who would like some part-time work with rewarding intergenerational connections. “

“Meet the best and brightest high-potential startups joining the Entrepreneurship Institute’s King’s20 Accelerator for 2020-21.”

“Grandnanny is an idea whose time has come. It meets three big social needs: providing after-school childcare for families and flexible work for older people, while connecting three generations in their local community. A real win-win-win!”