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We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

Happy New Year! 

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a joyful holiday. Now it’s time to prepare for a new year. It’s a time for reflection and an opportunity to look ahead and think about what we want to achieve and/or have a go at. For some, it may be hitting the gym, for others, it may be learning something new or starting a hobby. For others, it could be looking for a new job or side hustle – new year, new job anyone? If that’s you, keep reading to find out why GrandNanny should be included in your job search. 

Why you should consider GrandNanny in your new year job search:

December is an exciting and celebratory month. But, it is also an expensive month! And amidst a cost of living crisis, you may be feeling the pinch this January. 

Nannying with GrandNanny is a recognised (and sought-after) side hustle, that offers people flexibility. We give people the opportunity to make use of their childcare experience and child-rearing skills. Plus, becoming a valuable member of the GrandNanny team will help boost your confidence, so you can approach your life in and outside of work with a positive attitude.

A new job can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re getting back to work at 50 or older, or after an extended break from working. At GrandNanny, we acknowledge the obstacles older adults can face when searching for jobs and seeking employment. But, we believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity to work. Rather than looking at demographics we look at the wealth of experience, an individual can offer. 

We are currently working in partnership with Job Centres, re-employment organisations, and charities to support over 50s in finding rewarding full-time or part-time jobs. And, we want to make your new year job search as smooth and easy as possible.

Begin your new year job search now

If you want to enter the new year with a new job, then now is the time to apply for a job. December is a prime time for job hunting, as this is the month when fewer people are applying for jobs. Plus, during this period employers have more time to find the ideal candidate. 

In January there is a huge rush of people looking for new opportunities, which means lots of competition. Recruiters also have less time to look through applications and send feedback. By starting in December you’ll miss the large numbers of other candidates.

There are also more vacancies at this time of year because most people starting a new job will choose to start in January, meaning companies are keen to fill positions/vacancies as soon as possible. Plus, businesses and companies want to hit the ground running in the new year, so they want to make sure they have the best team. 

Give nannying a go

If you’re looking for a part-time job, why don’t you consider nannying? Nannying can offer you a rewarding job in your area, and the opportunity to make a difference to a local family. 

Part-time nanny jobs in London are in high demand as many families struggle to find affordable and flexible childcare. Many London-based nanny agencies require extensive training and professional experience. This can delay families getting the help they need and make applying for part-time nanny jobs in London off-putting for older adults. By drawing upon an individual’s experience (professional or personal) we want to make it easier for over 50s to find a part-time job that fulfils them. And, we want to make the process of matching nannies and families swift and efficient. 

Of course, you can also apply for a full-time job at GrandNanny and make nannying your main source of income. The great thing about GrandNanny is the decision is up to you! We will cater to your requirements as well as the families’.

Benefits of getting back into the workforce at 50

Having an extra income stream is a valid incentive for applying for jobs, but more money isn’t the only benefit of going back to work. By joining GrandNanny you’ll be supporting our vision of building age-integrated communities and offering working families reliable childcare. 

And there’s more, you’ll be able to: 

  • Learn new skills 
  • Meet new people
  • Keep active 
  • Build a connection with a local family
  • Contribute to your community
  • Use your valuable experience and skills
  • Join the GrandNanny team 

But don’t just take our word for it, read what our current GrandNannies have to say about working for us in their 60s.

Tips for getting back into the workforce at 50 and over

There’s no doubt rejoining the workforce will be outside of your comfort zone, so here are ways you can make it easier. 

Tips on how to get back into the workforce at 50:

  • Be open to learning new things 
  • Refresh your CV and include all your experience/list your skills
  • Build up to permanent/full-time work 
  • Embrace everything about yourself and all of the positive things you have to offer an employer
  • Communicate your eagerness for the job to your prospective employer
  • Show a willingness to learn about the company and the products or services they offer
  • Think about what you want from a job – how much support and flexibility do you need?

Whether you’re searching for part-time nanny jobs in London, or looking for some advice on rejoining the workforce in 2023, we hope this blog has helped inspire you to begin your new year job search. 

If you think GrandNanny would be a good side hustle for you, become a GrandNanny today.