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The GrandNanny team

Do you know the difference between a Nanny agency and a Nanny matching service? Not many people do because ‘Nanny agency’ and ‘Nanny matching service’ are terms used synonymously in the childcare industry. This is understandable due to Nanny agencies and Nanny matching services having similar roles (helping Nannies and families find an ideal match). They are, however, different in their approach. We’re here to tell you what that is. 

Let’s first explore the differences between Nanny agencies and bespoke Nanny matching services before going through the various pros and cons of each process. 

Nanny agencies 

A Nanny agency offers a full-time approach to coordinating Nannies and families and finding great matches. Agencies take care of the whole process, from finding candidates to advertisements, to screening and interviewing them. They also provide families with guidance on how to find the right Nanny and offer support after hire. 

The notable benefits to Nanny agencies are: 

  • Agencies have a simplified hiring process (the agency does the bulk of the work)
  • Agencies have many alternative options if your new Nanny doesn’t work out
  • Agencies often provide the Nannies with training and support

How to find a good Nanny near agency near you

If Nanny agencies are new to you, or you’re looking for advice on how to find an excellent Nanny agency, we have a list of what to look for:

  1. Read the Nanny agency’s ‘how we work’ policy. Make sure they: 
  • Interview candidates
  • Review references
  • Do DBS checks 
  • Provide safeguarding training 
  • Offer advice

2. Look through reviews – Netmums and Facebook are good places to start as many people ask ‘Where can I find a good Nanny agency near me?’ 

3. Check the agency’s website and social media to see if they regularly update content and reply to customer queries 

Before deciding on a Nanny agency, we recommend calling the agency to ask about their ethos and to gather additional information, such as pricing and refund policies.

Nanny services in London are popular due to the increased demand for childcare solutions. Nanny agencies have many advantages, but there are numerous disadvantages too: 

  • Nanny agencies can be expensive and the cost is usually determined by your location and requirements 
  • Nanny agencies take control and lead in finding a suitable candidate for families – parents and caregivers have much less input 
  • Nanny agencies don’t run payroll or provide employment administration for things like pensions and holidays
  • Nanny agencies usually work on a finders-fee basis – so they’re not always incentivised to find a match that lasts
  • Refund policies vary from agency to agency 

Nanny matching platforms and services 

A Nanny matching platform works as a partner in helping families find the perfect candidate for their childcare needs. A list of suitable and available candidates will be listed on their website for users to browse. Unlike Nanny agencies, Nanny matching platforms are more facilitators rather than directors and managers. GrandNanny is a Nanny matching service that helps local families find Grandparent-style childcare. 

The advantages of using a Nanny matching platform are: 

  • Accessible information about candidates  
  • Parents and caregivers are in control of choosing (they can interview candidates themselves or use app-based options)
  • DBS checks, references, and safeguarding and paediatric first aid training are usually offered by the platform
  • Additional support is usually available through customer service
  • Affordability (especially for families not needing full-time service)

Nanny matching platforms are a fairly new form of Nanny service in London. And, they are becoming an attractive alternative to traditional agencies across the country. To find a supportive Nanny matching platform, focus on the values of the platform and know what to expect in terms of how much time and input is needed from you. At GrandNanny, we’ve broken down our process into six, simple steps so you know what to expect!

Though there are fewer drawbacks to using a Nanny matching platform, here are some disadvantages you may experience: 

  • They may need more of your time – you will need to invest some time in finding the right match (e.g. reviewing candidates and running interviews)
  • They require you to have a clear idea of your requirements and what you are looking for 

Is there a difference for Nannies?

The pros and cons for Nannies may be less obvious than those for parents and caregivers. But, if you’re thinking about becoming a Nanny then it’s important you understand the difference in approaches as this will affect your working arrangement and environment. 

One key difference between working for an agency and working for a matching platform is that with an agency you may have more contact with colleagues. In contrast, when working for a matching platform you may not be in contact with the other Nannies. However, with a Nanny matching service, you have a better chance of getting matched with families who have similar childcare philosophies and personalities.

A bespoke Nanny platform with a difference 

If you’re looking for Nanny services in London or Brighton, GrandNanny is here for you. GrandNanny stands out from other Nanny matching platforms as it offers an end-to-end service. You will get support with all of your checks and training, plus reliable payroll run on behalf of the family. Plus, it’s a localised service that offers both current and prospective Nannies and families a community to join. GrandNanny will advocate on your behalf, assist in conflict resolution, and set appropriate expectations for the Nanny role.

GrandNanny aims to provide a bespoke Nanny platform where GrandNannies and families can find each other without needing an executive to provide the matching service in between. We also handle all the employment administration for the family so you can be confident that things will run smoothly. GrandNanny gives users more control over their profiles, allowing you to edit and change information as your priorities and timetable change. You’re also in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing roles with families. You can browse families and select the ones you’d like to meet.

We’re always happy to hear feedback, so if you have an idea about how we can improve the our service  just email: support@grandnanny.co.uk.