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Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs out there (and one of the most tiring). So when it’s time to move on, it often leaves a gap. If you’ve just left teaching, why don’t you take the opportunity to pursue new things? There are plenty of careers that offer the kind of fulfilment education provides, without the full-time commitment.

Being semi-retired and looking for work gives you a lot of flexibility, so we’ve suggested a mix of occupations, some of which are voluntary and some of which are paid part-time jobs in education. Take a look! 

  • Exam invigilator

There are numerous ways to get into this kind of work. Naturally, if you have maintained a relationship with your employer, you can ask whether they need any invigilation help. Job websites sometimes advertise vacancies, but local council websites and school newsletters are good places to look too. Sometimes the easiest, and most effective way to find out is to ring up your local schools in good time before examination seasons in January and May.

If you’re new to the field and are wondering whether it could be the right fit for you Twinkl’s article about becoming an exam invigilator is a great start. It details exactly what the job entails, what is expected of the role, the qualifications and experience that’s required, and even a few resources to help you get started on your journey.

And, the training for becoming an invigilator is pretty minimal. Brushing up on the skills outlined in this helpful guide, and familiarising yourself with platforms like Examscreen, should be all you need to help young people and adults sit important exams.

  • Tutoring 

It won’t come as any surprise that tutoring is a good part-time job in education. There are some fantastic platforms. Providers like First Tutors, MyTutor, and Superprof are all fantastic ways to advertise your skills and organise remote sessions. It’s worth noting that these companies charge administration fees, so check out which platform has the best fees for the online facilities they offer. 

If you want to get into tutoring with a charitable element, check out organisations like Action Tutoring and Tutor the Nation, which allow you to volunteer for small routine hours with underprivileged students. 

  • Librarian 

Looking for a slightly different pace after working in schools? Being a Librarian can be a brilliant option because you’ll still interact with children. You can introduce them to the fascinating world of books. Alongside looking at job websites for vacancies in your local area, take a look at school, university, hospital, and council websites for vacancies. Check out the Library and Information Association for details on the kinds of jobs out there; while you’re likely to have qualifications already, they also have training for specialist fields of work.

  • Nannying

Since you’re a teacher, we’re assuming office work was never your thing! Nannying is one of those jobs where every day is different. At GrandNanny, we know that families are crying out for quality childcare. We also know that the older generation plays an extremely important role in childhood. Our platform matches older, experienced carers with families in their community. Check out our website for more information on how you can get involved in being a GrandNanny. 

  • Driving Instructor 

If you’re a competent driver, then transferring your teaching skills into a driving environment may be a valuable transition. As a driving instructor, you’ll likely be self-employed and therefore be able to dictate your own hours, making it a great part-time job in education.

Of course, becoming a driving instructor does involve its own training, including finding a trainer, taking a theory test, a driving ability test, and practice teaching – all of which can take between 6 and 12 months. Check out the government website for more information. 

  • Materials creator 

After collecting years of teaching experience with children, you’ll have used all kinds of resources under the sun. Maybe you’re a whizz at whipping up informative and engaging worksheets and PowerPoints. Companies like Twinkl are always on the lookout for experienced teachers to help them produce their content. 

  • Tour Guiding 

Being a well-practised explainer makes you a fantastic person to help visitors understand a museum or place of historical significance. A typical week for a tour guide is on the shorter side, usually under 30 hours, making it a fantastic part-time job in education. Paid vacancies may require some training, but there are also some volunteering opportunities in institutions such as the National Trust if that takes your fancy. 

Voluntary work 

  • Literacy Volunteer 

Being a literacy volunteer can be extremely rewarding. There are numerous charities that offer reading programmes to help children develop their literacy. And it’s easy to get involved; some charities like Bookmark even have an app that you can use to organise face-to-face sessions in a local primary school, or virtually through their secure online platform. 

The Literacy Trust also has an amazing volunteer campaign called Words for Work, intended to develop students professionally. If you want a different challenge, ReadEasy works with adults on their literacy. 

  • Family support worker 

Years of experience with children and their parents will put you in good stead for supporting families in your community. With the help of charities such as Homestart or Family Action you can put in as little as one hour a week to help your local community. 

  •  Magistrate

While it might not be a part-time job in education, it is a fantastic opportunity that has the potential to be incredibly fulfilling. Training to become a magistrate can take 3 to 5 days, and 1 to 2 days every year thereafter. Magistrates are typically asked to serve for five years, and to work 26 half sessions (13 days) in any year, so this is a great option for semi-retired teachers looking for work. This is a voluntary option, but, time off can come with pay, and allowances and food is usually covered. There’s more information on allowances here. 

All the part-time options here are fantastic things to consider, but if you’d like to use your experience in a practical, part-time childcare role, we’d love to hear from you. With GrandNanny, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with a child and their family. Register your interest online or just give us a call, and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have.