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The GrandNanny team

Meet Laura. As a former primary school Teaching Assistant, experienced Nanny, and SEN Specialist, Laura has always been passionate about childcare. Her extensive personal and professional experience looking after children inspired her decision to turn her hand towards working as a GrandNanny. We spoke to Laura about her childcare experience and what made her want to join GrandNanny.


How did you first hear about GrandNanny?

“I first came into contact with GrandNanny through the JobCentre, where I attended a workshop. At that point I had been out of employment for a while and felt I was experiencing Ageism whilst trying to find a new role.”


Prior to becoming a GrandNanny, what kind of work were you involved in?

“Before becoming a GrandNanny, I worked at primary schools and as a Nanny at various nannying agencies. I have a speciality in working with children with SENs. I personally find that working with children comes naturally to me – it’s demanding but accessible and is something that I’ve always understood. I’ve been able to transfer many skills from my past experience, both working in educational settings and personally raising a daughter of my own, who is 22 years old now. I would say being intuitive and caring are my strengths with children.”


What was appealing about GrandNanny that was different from other jobs you have done?

“My favourite thing about GrandNanny is that it allows me to work locally. I’ve worked for various nannying agencies in the past and they all required me to travel far from where I live and it became inconvenient over time. GrandNanny connected me with a family that is located within my neighbourhood, which makes getting around a lot easier. Flexibility is a really big component that is unique to GrandNanny, and it wasn’t accessible in my past jobs. I also have a dog who follows me everywhere I go! At other nannying agencies I worked for, I had to find and pay for a dog sitter in advance to take care of her while I was working, which became costly over time. I appreciate that GrandNanny gives me the option to bring my dog along with me while I work so I can give my full attention to the family I work for.”


What is the family you currently work with like?

“I currently work part-time for a family with 6 year old twins, a boy and a girl. The family had been having a difficult time when I first came into contact with them. GrandNanny was very accommodating and understanding throughout the process of matching me with them, and took their time to make sure I was the right fit for the family before I started working. I find with looking after twins, they will be helping each other in one instance and then competing in the next. There’s this kind of duality that comes with nannying for twins, which makes it a really dynamic working environment. It’s great because I’m never bored!”


How supported do you feel at GrandNanny? 

“Adele, Sarah and the whole GrandNanny team are genuinely helpful and good willed. GrandNanny goes out of their way to place their nannies with families that are suitable for them, which makes a very big difference in childcare. Having been a nanny at other companies, I know from experience that normally you have to accommodate the business’s agenda, rather than your own. GrandNanny is different in the sense that they are incredibly considerate of your needs, are easy to approach and are there to support you throughout the entire onboarding process. The GrandNanny team made me feel like I was joining their community, rather than a business.”

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