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The GrandNanny team

Christmas is all about coming together, making memories, and sharing happy, joyful moments. What better time to realise the benefits of intergenerational care? More and more research is highlighting the benefits of intergenerational care for individuals, families, and communities. Bringing different generations together gives them the opportunity to learn from one another and enjoy shared experiences. 

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of intergenerational care and how GrandNanny can gift you the reliable childcare arrangements you need all year round. 

The benefits of delegating childcare duties

As much as we enjoy spending time with those we love, hosting relatives can be stressful. If you’re working over Christmas as well, it can feel like a balancing act. Food prep, wrapping presents, making up beds – you name it! Finding childcare during the Christmas holidays is another thing you may have on your to-do list. Arranging childcare can be easier over the Christmas period as friends and relatives are around to lend a hand, but what if you don’t have that option? We’re here to help you.

Delegating childcare duties to family members or friends can be very beneficial. It’s a weight off your mind, certainly. But it also reduces costs and gives your child an opportunity to bond with the wonderful people around them. Plus, spending time with people of different ages supports a child’s emotional and social development. This is why intergenerational care is at the heart of GrandNanny’s service.

Advantages of Intergenerational care 

Intergenerational care has many positive impacts and offers long-term childcare solutions as older nannies and childminders are less likely to move areas. The advantages of intergenerational care are mutual and benefit both children and older adults. 

According to famly.com the benefits of intergenerational care for children include: 

  • Developing stronger communication skills (such as reading) 
  • Increasing confidence 
  • Developing empathy 
  • Learning responsibility

The benefits for older adults include: 

  • Doing more physical movement 
  • Improving mental well-being (social interactions are known to reduce the risks of loneliness and dementia)
  • Mental stimulation

Today, children spend less time around their grandparents than in previous generations. This makes intergenerational childcare from older relatives during the Christmas holidays even more precious and valuable. Equally, it makes intergenerational childcare services more important as they give children the chance to interact with older adults. 

Intergenerational care isn’t just for Christmas!

Here at GrandNanny, we believe intergenerational care is the future. We aim to utilise the benefits of intergenerational care by offering affordable childcare solutions from our mature nannies. We believe the benefits of intergenerational care shouldn’t just be for Christmas. Mature people with childcare experience and experienced Nannies should be given the opportunity to re-enter the workforce and look after children. 

Our Nannies offer your child the chance to learn and develop key skills, and give you the peace of mind that experienced childcarers will look after your children. 

We know nothing can replace the care of family members or friends. We also know your loved ones may have other commitments and obligations that prevent them from helping out. And, if they live far away then it’s difficult to arrange last-minute childcare or a couple of hours of care after school. This is why we are passionate about providing flexible and reliable childcare solutions that can work around your schedule. 

The gift of GrandNanny

GrandNanny is here to help you! GrandNanny will provide you with the benefits of intergenerational childcare and fuss-free employment administration. We’ll handle the paperwork, safeguarding training, and DBS checks so you needn’t add anything more to your to-do list. 

The same feeling of reassurance you get from your child being looked after by a loved one, you can experience all year round, with us. Our aim is to find you the perfect match and make your Nanny part of your family – but you won’t have to cook them Christmas dinner unless you really want to!

Whether you’re working over Christmas, volunteering, going away, or staying at home, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!