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We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

GrandNanny is not only the UK’s first intergenerational childcare provider, we’re also a social enterprise dedicated to bringing generations together. We are passionate about supporting midlife and older adults into the childcare sector. In doing so, we combat the risk of loneliness, improve community connections, and minimise age prejudice/stigmatism.

Research by intergenerational charity, Generations United, has provided evidence that intergenerational programmes can stimulate improvements in mental and physical well-being for older participants. Plus they can improve age-empathy, development and psycho-social skills for children.

This week is Global Intergenerational Week. To mark the occasion, we are celebrating 20 organisations, initiatives and charities that share our vision and are committed to connecting older and younger generations. 

In recognition of their exceptional work, we have shortlisted 9 notable intergenerational charities and 11 community programmes in the UK for our Intergenerational Innovation Awards. 

We’re delighted to tell you a little bit more about our shortlisted Innovative Intergenerational Charities. These charities work tirelessly to build community connections by bringing generations together.

Here they are – in no particular order:

  • InCommonInCommon aims to break down generational divides to build more connected, inclusive and age-friendly communities. Their Connect Programme links up groups of primary school children with older residents in retirement homes to take part in regular workshops together, and their Social Action programme brings together young and old to tackle social issues they care about changing in their communities. Some of the InCommon intergenerational projects include a Generations Swap Cookbook and a Hand Warmers Against Heating Costs campaign. Plus, they have run an LGBTQ+ connections programme.

    InCommon has found that intergenerational friendships successfully reduce negative ideas about ageing. They organise activities to combat loneliness in older people – these are proving successful, as 80% of older people said they felt happier after taking part in InCommon’s activities.

This national charity combats loneliness, boosts well-being, and strengthens communities by bringing generations together. Older and younger people can create shared memories through The Together Project’s work, such as the arts and crafts exchange. Their Songs and Smiles programme brings young children, their parents/caregivers, and older people together through music. This weekly music group is hosted in care homes and is filled with joy.

Friend in Deed is a charity based in Norfolk that aims to combat loneliness by creating intergenerational friendships. Friend in Deed organise sessions in care homes, dementia cafes and day centres where people can play games and talk to each other. These interactions and activities help combat loneliness. They launched their ‘All Ages Love Learning’ project in March 2021. This project brings young and older people together through learning a new skill or trying out a craft.

Based in East London, this charity connects generations through the Arts. Through storytelling and visual arts relationships are built. Their Magic Me’s Artworks programme started in 2020 and has created many community connections since then. “Our younger and older people come together as equal partners with a common purpose”, says director Susan Langford. They are currently looking for people aged 18-50 for a new community project. This project aims to use creative activities to discuss and explore what community means.

The Linking Network charity promotes networking and strengthens communities through relationship building. A relatively new programme for The Linking Network, is the Intergenerational Linking Project. Alongside the Dunhill Medical Trust and My Home Life this project aims to connect care home residents with young volunteers from less privileged backgrounds.

This charity runs a number of projects that encourage connections between people of all ages. Ready Generations aim to make a difference in learning and care by bringing generations together. They recognise the importance of belonging and promote an active and healthy lifestyle and mutual respect as well as considerate community connections. Their mirrored curriculum framework is a unique framework that provides learning opportunities to both older and younger people.

The ReEngage charity provides older people with company, to prevent isolation and loneliness. They organise and run social groups that bring people together and offer social contact for isolated and lonely older individuals. They have activities to combat loneliness, such as gentle exercise groups. Over 75-year-olds can attend tea parties or receive phone calls all run by young volunteers.

Brighter Together runs activity-based sessions for Early Years children and older people. Care homes and day centres are connected to local Pre Schools. Every week they come together to engage in a fun activity, such as arts and crafts or singing. They are committed to combating age segregation and the widening of generational gaps. Giving both older and younger people a shared purpose brings generations together.

Heart of Newhaven a charity based in a former Victorian school in Edinburgh is one of the first community centres purposely set up to enable interaction between different generations. This is delivered through their themes of culture and heritage, learning and enterprise, and community wellbeing.

Congratulations to all our winners!

We want to congratulate each charity that has been awarded. We thank you for all the hard work you do to deter ageism and age segregation, and for the joy you bring people and communities. Together we can continue to promote the benefits of intergenerational friendships to both individuals and society.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or register your interest as a potential GrandNanny or family looking for childcare.