Hello there,

We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

Looking after your child or children is the best job in the world.  Every child is unique and so is your GrandNanny. Your GrandNanny will find their way to a happy and fun relationship if they enjoy their role, and so will your family.  It’s all about making a child feel comfortable, safe, valued, praised and listened to.  A lovely unique relationship often develops as the GrandNanny and the child really get to know each other, like any relationship this takes a bit of time.

Your GrandNanny is an experienced childcare giver; here to support you with your child’s development. They will have experience of working with children and are able to help your child achieve their milestones.

Children learn more by example of what they see and observe. Parents are a child’s best role models, so they will treat your GrandNanny as they see you do. Show your Children the importance of respecting boundaries and good manners.

Occasionally you may want to ask your GrandNanny to help with looking after your child’s friends, for example a play date. This should be discussed and mutually agreed between both parties beforehand, check if your GrandNanny is comfortable with the added responsibility and discuss any possible remuneration allowances for looking after more children. If doing the children’s laundry is part of the GrandNanny’s duties, then stick to adding only the children’s laundry rather than any adults too.

Mutual trust between you and your GrandNanny is vital in caring for your family. Some GrandNannies with experience as parents, grandparents, and/or early years development professionals indicate that children can have two sides in matters relating to behaviour and discipline: The one they are at home to their parents; and another they are outside to strangers, including the GrandNanny. It is suggested that children will always show the home side to their parents. So keep in mind that your GrandNanny might see a side to your child that you do not.

Two-way communication is key to maintaining a great partnership between you and your GrandNanny.  For example, let your GrandNanny know if you are ever running late to get home for them to hand over the care, and likewise they should let you know if they are ever running late. Be open and honest and we’re sure you’ll settle into a happy and long term relationship that works for everybody in the family.