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The GrandNanny team

As if we need reminding of how helpful and amazing grandparents are. All the same, we want to highlight how grandparents are now becoming the ‘backbone’ for many families in terms of childcare. As the UK faces a childcare crisis, grandparents are the stable, reliable, flexible, and affordable childcare solution. Their care allows parents to go to work, run important errands, attend medical appointments, or fulfil other care duties such as looking after siblings or other relatives. But, what if you can’t rely on your grandparents for help? That’s where GrandNanny comes in.

As well as highlighting the fantastic role grandparents play in raising children and exploring the benefits of grandparent childcare, we’re here to offer our support. As the first intergenerational childcare provider in the UK, we can help you find grandparent-style care for your children on a part-time or full-time Nanny basis.

Just how crucial is grandparents’ caregiving? 

There are multiple studies that explore the role grandparents have in childcare duties today. Their findings provide valuable insights into just how important grandparents’ caregiving is. 

Take a look at the stats: 

  • 1 in 4 parents would have to give up work if grandparents couldn’t provide childcare (looking at just working mothers, this equates to over one million people leaving the workforce) 
  • 93% of surveyed parents say they receive childcare from grandparents 
  • 54% of surveyed parents say they are more likely to rely on grandparents than paid childcare 

Source: Survation March 2015 Report 

Nans as Nannies

Are grandmas and grandpas the new Nanny? Not quite… Though, according to this study, 21% of grandparents are regularly doing the school run, and 29% are there as a helping hand when their grandchild is sick. According to another, grandparents with grandchildren under the age of 16 reported providing over 10 hours of childcare a week.

The economy and wider society are relying on grandparents providing childcare, and are benefiting from their availability and generosity. 

The financial advantages of grandparents taking on childcare duties may be obvious, but what about the other benefits? Let’s explore the benefits of childcare by grandparents, to both older and younger generations.

Benefits of receiving childcare support from grandparents

What are the individual benefits of childcare by grandparents? 

Benefits to children 

There is evidence to suggest children who regularly spend time with their grandparents develop good values and communication skills. By sharing stories, life lessons, and experiences from their own childhood, grandparents can teach children right from wrong. Further research suggests high levels of input and involvement from grandparents make children feel more relaxed and happy. They are also better at interacting and maintaining relationships with peers. And, children with single or solo working mothers are more likely to have a healthier BMI and eat breakfast regularly, if a grandparent was living with them. 

Benefits to grandparents

Grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren regularly are more likely to have better physical and psychological health. Grandparents who are over 70 and regularly take care of their grandchildren are 37% more likely to live longer. Another study concluded that grandmothers who spend at least one day a week with their grandchildren have higher cognitive scores and mental ability.

But, midlife and older people may only benefit from looking after unrelated children. Unrelated children make older people feel younger and rejuvenated, whereas grandchildren subliminally remind grandparents of their age. This groundbreaking finding, suggests hiring a mature Nanny to take care of children is mutually beneficial to both caregivers and children. If you have childcare experience, why don’t you sign up to become a GrandNanny? Looking after little ones could help you feel more energetic!

And, what about parents? Surely they’d be delighted to have help from grandparents? 

It’s complicated…. While parents receive reliable and ‘free’ childcare, the hidden cost of this solution is feelings of guilt. Similarly, feelings of resentment can build if grandparents aren’t compensated in some way for taking care of children on a regular basis. Again, this suggests that receiving professional childcare from midlife or older individuals has some advantage over relying on support from grandparents. 

Hire a mature nanny 

To reap the benefits of intergenerational connection, without the guilt, hire a mature Nanny. GrandNanny is a childcare service that focuses on the skill and talents of people over 50. Once you’ve registered with us, we’ll help you find a midlife or older GrandNanny with amazing childcare experience. 

None of our mature nannies can replace the childcare by grandparents. But, they can offer a helping pair of hands that live nearby. You can rely on them and their help will mean the time your family spends together will be more carefree.