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Not sure whether to choose a Nanny or a Childminder? Picking the right childcare for your family is an important decision. In this blog, we explain the difference between a Nanny and a Childminder to equip you with the information needed to make an informed choice. 

What is a childminder, and how do they differ from nannies?

 In many ways, these roles are similar, as their central focus is caring for children. But there are also a lot of important differences to note before you start looking into childcare. Take a look! 

Employment status: Childminders are typically self-employed, while Nannies are usually contracted by a family or an agency. Though the reverse can also be true – Nannies can freelance and Childminders are sometimes contracted to companies that manage their services and bills – it’s important to know this because it impacts the ways hours and prices are negotiated. For instance, a Childminder sets their own fees. 

Work environment: A Childminder tends to look after children in their own home. Sometimes a Childminder might also work out of a place like a community centre. But, they can’t work 50% more of their time out of a non-domestic setting, otherwise, they’ll have to change their registration. In contrast, a Nanny will always come to your home. 

Because they work in their home, Childminders are responsible for ensuring the areas children have access to are clean, tidy, and safe. Nannies also have to ensure an environment’s safety, but they won’t organise or clean the house they work at. 

Number of children cared for: A Childminder may look after up to six children in their home, and sometimes those children include their own. While six is the maximum for any Childminder, the amount of space an individual Childminder has will legally dictate how many children they can look after. Of those six, three of them can be under five, and one of them under one. A Nanny will usually only look after children from one family, whether that’s just one, two or three siblings. 

Qualifications: Becoming a Childminder requires qualifications, such as a paediatric first aid course. They will need childcare training to gain an Ofsted accreditation or an EYFS course if they intend to look after children under the age of eight. While Nannies are not technically required to have qualifications, many do, especially a first aid certificate. 

Hours: Generally, Childminders tend to work 8 am to 6pm, the kinds of times parents and guardians would drop off and collect children around their work schedule. Nannies are likely to be more flexible and can agree to work evenings and weekends, especially if you’re hiring Nannies from an agency or finding a Nanny through a matching platform like GrandNanny. 

Childminders are self-employed and can choose to provide their services outside of conventional office hours. Equally, Nannies can be self-employed and choose to work only a few days a week. While Childminders will, generally speaking, work more consistent hours, it depends on the relationship you have and the agreement you decide with your childcare professional. 

Cost: Childminders typically cost less than nannies, since they are caring for more children and therefore providing less 1:1 care. If affordability is the primary priority, choosing a childminder over a nursery will often be the  cheaper option. If you have 2 or 3 children then a Nanny may be more cost-effective for you. 

Childminder Vs Nanny 

Now that you understand what a childminder is and the difference between a Childminder and a Nanny, you can carefully consider which service has the most benefits for you. 

Benefits of a Childminder:

  • They are often cheaper than either a nursery or a Nanny.
  • Childminders tend to work consistent hours for routine childcare. This means your children will spend more time with one carer.
  • Certainty that they will provide education for young children. The requirement to complete EYFS training means they understand how to teach and strengthen fundamental skills.

Benefits of a Nanny:

  • Nannies can come to you –  especially helpful when organising childcare around work and other arrangements.
  • Nannies are more likely to cover last-minute needs. 
  • Nannies give children one-one care and attention. 
  • Nannies will look after children who are unwell, something Childminders and nurseries generally don’t do.
  • Nannies will work alongside you to raise your children – they can adapt to your parenting style and you’ll be a team.

Benefits of a GrandNanny 

GrandNanny is a childcare service that helps local families find the perfect childcare solution. While, GrandNannies are closer to ‘traditional’ Nannies than Childminders, they are a little bit different. 

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a GrandNanny: 

  • GrandNannies are midlife and older child carers who have a wealth of experience 
  • GrandNannies give more of a personal touch to their care such as telling stories and teaching children new skills 
  • GrandNannies have different backgrounds – some ex-teachers, NHS Staff or lunch-time supervisors – giving them unique skill sets 
  • GrandNannies are local to the area – living nearby is a great advantage if you need last-minute care 
  • GrandNannies will find a way to build happy and fun relationships with families and children

At GrandNanny, we have lots of experienced childcare providers available to work a range of hours that suit you. Register now to browse all our GrandNannies and see if the perfect person is waiting for you. 

Ultimately, the decision of Childminder vs Nanny is a personal one, and your decision may even include enlisting the services of both kinds of childcare providers. Perhaps that might be the occasional use of a Nanny, while taking your children to childminders most days of the week. It can look however you like!