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We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

This week we are celebrating our 6 month anniversary. As we work towards officially launching in the coming weeks we have been reflecting on all the people we want to thank for helping us get to this point. Afterall, the best celebrations are made by gathering great people together.
Where it all began
Firstly, we want to thank Ada’s List for helping us – Adele and Sarah  – to find each other. It’s platforms like this that support female founders and help us find the people we need to bring our ideas to life. Big shout out to Merici and her team for the amazing work they have been doing in the last 4 months.
Our home ground
Next we want to thank everyone involved in the Women Entrepreneurs in Social Tech accelerator, our home since January. The women in our cohort are the real deal in terms of putting social impact at the heart of their businesses and grafting their way to success in sectors that have been traditionally overlooked. We are proud to call them friends and colleagues.
Pastures new
We also want to thank the King’s20 accelerator for selecting Grandnanny onto their next cohort and Home Grown for opening their doors to us. September can’t come around soon enough (those of you who are parents may share that sentiment for different reasons!)
We have also been involved in the AAL / NESTA Smart Ageing Prize Challenge. We are busy working with Grandnannies and Parents to build a socially purposeful business that delivers for all stakeholders ahead of submitting our final entry.
Final Credits
Throughout this time we have been mentored and supported by some incredible people who have expertise in start-ups, socially purposeful businesses, two-sided platforms and the importance of intergenerational connections for a happy and healthy later life. Big thanks to Karen Leigh Anderson, Nick Price, Jelle van der Weijde, Stephen Burke, Ella Savell-Boss, Dr Ali Somers, Emma Mee, Alex Potter, Roland Singer-Kingsmith and James Hamlin
We also can’t overstate the generosity of other social entrepreneurs who have taken the time to point us in the right direction and open our eyes to the pitfalls they experienced early on. So to Contanstine and Verity at GoodLife Sorted, Suzanne Noble at Silversharers, Catherine at BuddyHub, Despina at The Care Hub, and Alwin at Seniors@Work thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us. 
No really, these are the final thank yous…
Finally, but most importantly, we want to thank those families and prospective Grandnannies who have signed up with us. Your enthusiasm and support for Grandnanny drives us forward. We can’t wait to welcome more of your friends and family into the Grandnanny Community.
6 months. 24 weeks. 182 days. The next 6 months promise to be bigger and better.
Adele + Sarah
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We’re particularly keen to hear from parents who are interested in having a Grandnanny, potential applicants and people interested in joining our Advisory Group.