Hello there,

We are currently changing and re-planning the way GrandNanny operates. You may still register your interest but your registration will not be processed until a later date.

Our updated operation will launch later in Spring/Summer.

The GrandNanny team

We’ve paused Grandnanny matches for now, but we know it’s more important than ever for children to connect with older generations at this time. Here are a few thoughts on how you and your children can help.
So you’ve seen someone across the road who may be lonely, what next?


The first thing you need to do is find out if they’d like to be in touch and the best way to communicate.
  • Encourage your child/children to help design an invite asking if they’d like to be in touch.
  • Include a tick box so they can let you know the best channel for them e.g. email, phone, through the window.
  • To avoid posting anything through their letterbox, why not hold it or (gently) fix it in their window.


Now you know how to contact them, it’s time to get creative…
  1. Write a short story. My Storybook is a free site that helps children create ebooks and provides a link to share via email. Otherwise, you can print it and share through the window as part of your daily exercise.
  2. Play an online game. Board Game Arena has a great selection. Think about the technology they might need for this and make sure your suggestion works for them.
  3. Put on a show! Why not invite your neighbour to a show that they can watch through the window? Help kids with a mime, dance routine, a drawing or a poem and perform it as part of their daily exercise.
  4. Organise an online or ‘through-the-window’ tea-party. Why not pick up some extra supplies to drop on their doorstep along with an invite for afternoon tea? (Remind them to wash their hands!)
  5. Check out InCommon Buddies. Our friends at this fantastic intergenerational organisation have developed activities for 7 to 11 year olds to share with older friends and relatives. New activities will launch every week.
Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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