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There are so many fun and engaging things to do with your kids in the summer! Especially in Brighton, where the beach is a short walk or drive away. But it’s a little different when the winter months roll around and getting outdoors doesn’t look as appealing. Don’t fret. We have created a list of things to do in Brighton for children during the winter that are low–cost and fun.

As part of GrandNanny’s launch in the Brighton area, we have done some digging to find affordable activities that either you or a Nanny can do with your children. As a Nanny-matching service, we know how expensive winter can be, what with Christmas and bills to keep on top of. So, our list has a range of Brighton activities, which cost a reasonable to small amount of money, and a range of free activities. Take a look! 

Winter activities to do in Brighton for children: 

The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, just a short walk from the beach and a stone’s throw from the iconic North Gate, is a fabulous place to visit. Not least because of its rare mix of Gothic and Saracenic architecture, a style that can be observed in the whole of the Royal Pavilion complex. 

Children get in for £3 and there is lots for kids of all ages to see. The museum’s exhibitions on Brighton in the Stone Age, Roman Brighton, and Ancient Egypt mummification are a great way to supplement KS2 learning. Encourage your children to solve the clues of the Local History Mystery Mission, too!

Out of the list of things to do in Brighton for Children, the Toy and Model Museum is one of the most popular. Children’s tickets come at the reasonable price of £4, for which you get entry to the jam-packed archive of toys from bygone eras. They have everything from planes to slot machines. And, given its wealth of toy trains, it is appropriately located underneath the Brighton Train Station.

Don’t fancy an exhibition? Well, there are plenty of other things to do in Brighton that don’t require too much of your children’s attention spans. Globalls, Brighton’s UV golf course, is slightly more pricey, costing £9 to play on any one of the golf courses available. But it’s based in Brighton Marina Village, so it’s easy to reach. 

Preston Manor and its gardens make for a brilliant place to visit. But if it’s too cold to peruse the gardens, check out the 20+ rooms inside. It’s £5 for a child to enter, or you can purchase a well-priced family ticket. If your children love solving a puzzle, check out the Murder in the Manor website afterwards for an activity that will test their memory and intuition. 

You don’t need to have a membership to swim cheaply. It can cost as little as £3.25 for non-members to take a dip. And, it goes without saying, swimming is a great activity for children to exercise, de-stress, and have fun. The Centre which used to train 22,500 Royal Navy officers during the Second World War, is now a fantastic Brighton activity for children. 

So, those are our top recommendations for things to do in Brighton for children. But for free activities in Brighton, that you can also do in the winter, read on…

Get your children clued up on the future of clean energy by checking into this fascinating little museum. Completely free, although they advise booking a visit beforehand. Definitely worth a peek if you’re enjoying a walk on Brighton West Pier. 

Again, another cultured and free activity in Brighton. If taxidermy is your child’s thing, there is lots to look out for. If not, there’s still a lot to find out about evolution with their exhibitions, particularly about birds. 

The museum has been around for over a century, and like much of Brighton, is a great exhibition of Victorian architecture. 

Most people know about the permanent flea market, but if you didn’t, it’s a great place to go exploring with your children. See if you can task your children with finding a particular item amongst all the antiques. Just back from the Brighton seafront, it’s a great place to go for furniture, vintage clothes, and second-hand books. 

The Neo-gothic building is quite a sight to behold, and it’s both a cultured and free activity in Brighton. It stands proudly in the Round Hill area, taller than much of the city. It’s full of mosaics that are a delight to look at, most of which are dedicated to St Bartholomew, one of the Twelve Disciples, also known as Nathaniel.

It’s also a fantastic place to attend a carol service in the run-up to Christmas. Check out their calendar here.

  1.    Brighton Open Market

A visit here is well paired with a visit to St Bartholomew’s Church since it’s a mere two-minute walk away. It’s a great place to get a sweet treat and a hot drink as a reward too. Since being redeveloped in 2018, it’s been a huge success and there are almost 50 stalls, lots of which sell fresh fruit and veg. 

Take your children for an alternative food-shopping experience and swing by The Little Piggy to bag one of their sausage rolls. They have vegan and vegetarian options, too! 

Have a grand day out with your GrandNanny!

If you have a Nanny with us, then why don’t you pass on these ideas? These free or inexpensive Brighton activities are enjoyable and educational. We’re sure both Nannies and children will have fun.  

If you’re new to GrandNanny read our story to learn who we are and what we do. In a nutshell, we’re a one-of-a-kind Nanny agency that offers grandparent-style childcare to local families. If you’re in the Brighton and Hove area, you can find a GrandNanny today!