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We match working families with midlife+ neighbours to provide childcare.

We are the UK’s first intergenerational childcare service.

How we work

For Families

Sign up for free and tell us what you’re looking for. We share matches and set up interviews. Once you’ve found ‘the one’, we handle payroll and admin.

  • Long-term support
  • Intergenerational connection
  • Local & flexible childcare

For Grandnanny Applicants

Sign up for free and tell us your experience. We share matches and set up interviews. Once you find a family you love, we provide training and handle the admin.

  • Local employment
  • London Living Wage
  • Social connections

Say hello to our Grandnannies

Gaya, N4

Gaya, N4

Nanny experience

Teaching Assistant

SEN Specialist

Special Skill: Helping with homework

Interests: Art & Design, Dog lover

CEsaria, N15

CEsaria, N15

Nanny experience

Interest in child development

Play-time activity planning

Special Skill: Supporting siblings

Interests: Current Affairs, Cinema

Debbie, NW3

Debbie, NW3

Primary family childcarer


School Volunteer

Special Skill: Cooking nutritious meals

Interests: Swimming, Reading

Simple and fair pricing for parents

Set-up fee

Payable by parents only when we find a match you love


+ Hourly rate

Reviews from our community


I have not come across this level of service and high spec candidates in my dealings with childcare services before.

Jessica E.

Parent, Crouch End

“In the past people have been prejudiced against me because of my age, so when Grandnanny said my experience is valuable my heart sang.”

Jane B.

Grandnanny, Finsbury Park

“This is my childcare fantasy!”

Rebecca H.

Media Consultant & Parent, Sydenham

“Grandnanny is an excellent initiative to bring together two groups often seeking more social support, parents with young children and older people.

Konrad L.

GP & Parent, Barbican